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July 14th Club Onyx Dallas, Texas Frank Wade performing live with Ms Toi, Hardhead, Cl'Che', and King Scratch

Interesting Facts About Frank Wade

In 2006 Frank Wade launch a new Rapping career under the name of "OG", his first Cd entitled "Grand Hustle Get Money" sold over 10,000 copies right out of his trunk. The project got halted due to a studio break in right after recieving a small distribution deal out of Florida. One year later Frank went on to start his next project with his son out of New Jersey know as the the artist "Ohio" called, "The Dynasty". The project started to created massive buzz in the Midwest Region but was halted due to a 3 year prison sentence. After Frank's Release from prison he went to work on his 3rd project so good which he released on Itunes and change his stage name to Frank Wade and began to get very serious about his music career especially now being in his 40's which could have presented major issues since most believe this is a young man's game. Frank began to work on the new Trillion Dollar Entertainment LLC. building the brand and exposing his music to to world. Frank began to seek investors and launched a new program. He began to work with such artist as the Jacka, Joe Blow, Sean Paul from the Young Bloodz, Bone Crusher, King Scratch former member of N.W.A. the Legendary Kokane, Yung Eazy (son of Eazy E) Curtis Young (son of Dr. Dre) Deacon of the Church who was presented by Snoop Dogg, B.G Knockout who was discovered by the late Eazy E and has subject his self of the the leadership of Hardhead form the "New West" Movement. Frank has opened up for "Devin the Dude", "Jadakiss", "Rich The Factor", "Cali Swag District" and many more. Frank has performed in shows in California, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Las Vegas and Ohio. Currently Frank Wade has secured a artist distribution deal thru LRT/SS Music group from Ingrooves/Fontana/Universal to have Frank Wade Music Distributed by Universal Music Group.

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